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Elimination of the Business Rent Tax

Legislative Vehicles

  • House Bill 223 by Ahern - Stair-steps exemptions from business rent tax overmultiple years, starting with first $10,000 in 2018 and increasing $10,000 each yearuntil it reaches $90,000 in 2026. Senate Bill 838, by Keith Perry, is the companion.
  • House Bill 463 by Raschein - Eliminates the sales tax on the portion of ad valorem
  • taxes paid by a tenant. Senate Bill 704, by Rene Garcia, is the companion.
  • Senate Bill 484 by Hukill - Reduces the BRT by one cent.
  • Senate Bill 820 by Hutson - Eliminates the BRT for any property for which the total annual rental payment does not exceed $50,000.

About Business Rent Tax

  • Florida is the only state with a business rent tax
  • Overall, this tax costs businesses $1.7 Billion a year
  • A 1% reduction in the tax would result in $286.9 Million saved annuallyby Florida businesses
  • Estimated Revenue Back to the State: The repeal of the tax outrightcould create up to 185,000 jobs and $20 billion in economic impact.(Source: Fishkind & Associates report, “Economic Impact of Sales Tax Exemption forCommercial Leases in the State of Florida”, September 15, 2013)
  • Reducing This Tax Will Spur Florida’s Economy: $286.9 million inrevenue will infused back into the economy for job creation and expansion

Promote Fair Taxation

Legislative Vehicles

  • Senate Bill 76 by Lee - removes a future repeal of the commercial real estate property tax cap (set to repeal in 2018). The House companion is HB 21 by Colleen Burton
  • Property Tax Value Adjustment Boards: support private property owner’s rights to contest unfair governmental practices
  • CRE Tax Cap: promote competitive markets by limiting regulatory distortions

Limit Burdensome Regulation

Legislative Vehicles

  • House Bill 333 by Clemons - Requires an analysis of REDI and rural areas of opportunity, amongst other changes to spur on rural development. Senate Bill 600, by Denise Grimsley, is the senate companion.
  • Senate Bill 614 by Brandes - Creates new licenses for retail establishments but does not take away local control on the zoning of the medical marijuana treatment centers.
  • Senate Bill 406 by Bradley - Leaves local zoning to municipalities and adds up to 15 more growing licenses throughout the state
  • Senate Bill 90 by Brandes - Implements the renewable energy property tax exemption for devices installed on commercial property.
  • Senate Bill 106 by Flores - Eliminates the prohibition-era requirement of liquor sales being separated (by at least a wall) from groceries.

For Your Consideration

  • Growth Management: preserve the positive changes that are helping drive Florida’s growth
  • Worker’s Compensation Reform: support reform that will reduce rates.
  • Whiskey and Wheaties Bill: continue to protect our communitiesthrough separate access requirements
  • Medical Marijuana Implementation: support competition and statewide access
  • Solar Energy Implementation: encourage innovation in private energy production

Promote Economic Prosperity

Legislative Vehicles 

  • House has filed a bill (HB 7005) that would eliminate both Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida. There is no senate companion.

For Your Consideration

  • Continue to promote Florida’s business and travel brands
  • Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida: continue to fund promotionalcampaigns
  • Governor’s Closing Fund: fund transformative projects that can leverage entire communities

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